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In my previous blog, I explained my logo, and how my love for Mermaids inspired me to use Mermaids as my brand logo. In addition to asking about my logo, people often ask me about the origin of my brand name "" and I would like to use my 2nd blog to explain “”.

This story will trace back about 80 years, to a time where fashion was evolving drastically in Japan, from traditional Japanese apparel (such as Kimonos), to more western inspired fashion trends.

“丸三” (pronounced Marusan) is my family crest, and when translated to english, it means “Circle3”. I believe that my family and background was a really big factor that helped grow my interest and love for fashion and shoes.

I was born and raised in a shoe family business in Japan. My grandfather had his own salon on the top floor of a shoe department store in Tokyo's famous Ginza shopping district. In addition to Japanese shoes and European imports, there was a custom-order shoe shop, a podiatric clinic, an after-care service center, and a cafe inside. I still believe it was a paradise for shoe lovers.

It sounds like Saks Fifth avenue in NY, but in the mid of 19th century.

My grandfather used to invite my sisters and I to Ginza when we were in our early teens. After lunch and big ice cream puff desserts, he would take us to the shoe store and let us choose a pair of shoes - whatever we liked. I felt so lucky!

My father was working as an architect, but changed careers in order to support his father’s growing business. He used to travel to Europe and bring back such trendy, unique shoes for my sisters and I from Italy and England. How could I not grow up loving shoes?

Stylish footwear has always been close to my heart. I always felt that shoes have a special power to make people happy (especially girls!).

My grandfather often told me the story of how he built his business. He was so happy when I told him I wanted to be a shoe designer and that I would be coming to NYC to make my dreams come true.

He has long since left this world, but I feel as though he is watching me from heaven and supporting his granddaughter’s dream.

I believe that a nice pair of shoes, take you to nice places, to meet nice people. Shoes can bring happiness and luck for all women, just like how it did for me. — Takako