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A question I get asked very often is “Why is your logo a mermaid?” and every time, I would get really emotional explaining it to my curious listener, because mermaids are just so special and valuable to me.

It might be hard for someone to understand my passion and love for mermaids, but I hope that my 1st blog, this blog, will let everyone understand my brand and I a bit more.

When I was young, I loved reading fairy tales, and the most memorable and my most favorite was reading the Mermaid story.

The way that she was so brave for love;

the contrast of how she was so innocent, happy and adored in the beginning and in the end, how much she sacrificed for who she loved deeply;

her selflessness left my heart so in pain. Later on in life, I would realize that it was a feeling called “Heart Broken”.

Choosing a logo made me reminisce back to the scene where little Mermaid gave up her precious mermaid tail to have legs that will allow her to walk on ground and be with her Prince.  I remember that when I read it, as someone who comes from a shoe background, my mind was already wondering about what type of shoe Little Mermaid would wear.


Her shoes must be fashionable, because she wants to catch the attention of the Prince.

Her shoes also need to be very comfortable, because she doesn’t know how to walk; her shoes must make her feel good and happy in them (plus, we don't want her to trip, though that might leave a vivid impression in the Prince.)


In my mind, I began to “design” a pair of shoes for her. My imagination wandered off, about how she wore a pair of shoes that I designed to see her Prince.

Unrealistic at then, but it made me smile in my dreams.

The mermaid has since then been my favorite;  and wherever I go, I would collect mermaid related items I like.

This is also why my brand’s logo is a mermaid.


Although in the fairy tale version I read, the mermaid didn’t have a happy ending, I hope that I can give her a happy ending.